Wood sale

Rockler.com has their wood sale going on now with free shipping over $35! Quality domestic and exotic woods from 1/8th to 1 1/2”.


Made the trek into Denver yesterday… :+1:

This looks cool and might be useful for people


Is this the size for the hose?

Yes, it’s a standard 4 inch dryer hose that is supplied, and a very small lip on the back of the GF to connect to. I’m not recommending hooking to a vacuum system, but the accessories here could be useful for building your custom venting system. Erm, please follow all GF recommendations in the manual.

They even sell a PG version of the 4 inch flexy dryer hose in the Catalog. It’s the same thing you’ll get from your favorite hardware store.

Even with this sale, Green Valley has them beat by a fair margin.

I did a cost comparison a few days back in this thread:

I’ve been really happy with the quality I’ve gotten from them.


Rockler is NOT cheap.

However, I have been getting stuff from them for a long time. Anything they have sent me is of high quality.

I built one of the murphy beds. However I went over to the manufacturer to pick up the kit they are local. and they are the ones that supply Rockler.

I have the hvlp, numerous tools/jigs, etc.

in the new place I will put their premade Drawer sides to good use. :slight_smile:

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