Wood sample tiles

I picked up a few floor sample tiles just to see how the GF does on the various wood types. This is a natural hickory I engraved a photo onto. I had to clean it with alcohol since I did not mask it. Think I’ll mask it next run to see if it looks different. I was happy to see it picked up the detail (raindrops on the iris)!imageimageimage


Lovely iris! :grinning:


These are a lot of fun to play with. I have started to favor the lighter colored samples. They seem to have better results.
Have to saw them to size before (or after) though. They tended to char extremely bad if a cut through is attempted. One solution is to engrave larger than the block and the entire block is then the finished size.

Other than that they are a nice resource to play with. I had been getting a few each trip but stopped. I was focused on 3D engrave but not doing 3D lately so they started stacking up.

But agree. They work great for experimenting with.
One caution. It seems like you have to clean the machine after about 6 or 7 3D designs. The resin just builds up using deep engrave.
As long as just graphic engraving, you should get further down the road.


I wouldn’t mask that if you’re going to do a photo engrave. You’ll wind up with melted tape adhesive all over the inside of your engrave. You’re better off cleaning it afterward. For something like letters or borders it’s helpful to mask, but a masked photo engrave is a mess in my limited experience.


Beautiful wood and beautiful iris engraving!


Ha! I have a stack of those myself, hadn’t gotten around to trying them, though.

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