Wood Sketchbooks/ Notebooks

These sell crazy well but are very annoying to make as its a 2 hour engraving for most of them, but Idk all my stuff takes a long time to engrave, cause I like the deeper settings.


Thrilling! Especially the one with the teal inner cover.

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These are all awesome … but the cutouts showing the teal (my favorite color) … is just gorgeous!

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I’ll join the chorus in saying that the cut-through with the teal backing is awesome.

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Those are great! I have yet to try making notebook covers, but this gives me the inspiration to try!

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Spectacular work.

Good work on all.

Nice two-tone engraves, and I really like the cutwork.

I’m sensing a theme with these covers…

Did you use the bind-it-all to punch your pages? Your notebooks are amazing!

I used a cinch binding machine!
Link to one here

I just got the “bind-it-all” yesterday! Thank you so much!