Wood Stickers

HI all. For those who have made wood stickers.

Can you use regular wood veneer and 3M tape backing?
Will they be durable and waterproof? Or do I need to do something else to them … or should I be buying something more specific?


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I’ve cut plenty of veneer with 3m backing, but which veneer are you using? Most of the veneer i cut myself are not sealed with anything. Im not sure if what you are working with is prefinished like the glowforge veneer.

If you need it to be water resistant, spray it with a clear coat/acrylic finish/shellac/laquer/etc when you are finish with it. They make matte and glossy.

I would probably advice against using laminate after engraving and cutting them, because unless you have a really good laminator, you probably have air bubbles in the engraved spaces.


The veneer I have now is just plain hardwood veneer from Rockler. I do not think it is finished with anything.

I am trying to make wood stickers like the ones in the link below. I am just not sure if they are ok the way they are. with anything or if they are ok the way they are.

Wood Stickers | Lasercutsline.com


i don’t know that the stickers you linked to are anything other than engraved veneer. not sure they have any finish on them. But, like @cmadok said, i think it would be worth a quick finish spray on them, just to add to the durability. that will add some water “resistance,” but water"proof" is something you’re probably not going to get.


I use Minwax water-based polyurethane. It’s effectively acrylic powder suspended in a water-based solvent. I’ve used the same 1qt can for many years. I’ve had pieces exposed to the elements for years - although not directly rained on.


Keep in mind that this:
is photoshop.
Veneer is still wood and if you glue it around a corner it will crack, especially if the corner goes with the grain as this one does.

but yeah, engraved veneer with 3M on the back (which is what PG veneer is) makes lovely durable stickers - though not waterproof or water resistant in any way without something else added.


If you’re going to be making a lot of these - you can get sticky back veneer from Rockler in big sheets, just search for PSA, pressure sensitive or peel and stick on their website.


THANK YOU!!! I dd not know they had sticky back.
Do you know if it is as strong as the 3M?


Some of it is 3M, but it would depend on the specific product.

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