Wood stickers?


I was wondering if anyone had advice for a source for a material with adhesive backing, similar to the proofgrade veneer? Have had EXCELLENT results with that btw, but have had a hard time getting the veneer to adhere around the curvatures of jars etc.

Plain veneer and contact cement is your jam.

You can get veneers just about anywhere, and then use contact cement, it’ll stick to ANYTHING.

As for where to get veneer, I like ebay actually. All kinds of cool woods on there.

Cool stuff like this:

and practical stuff like:

Fumed oak veneer is particularly cool, as are burl veneers etc.


Get it wet. Bend around the jar, held tight with rubber bands, Let it dry. When dry it should hold the shape of the jar. If the jar is not smooth (like mason jars etc) you might need something more space filling.


awesome, thnx so much!

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