Wood Supply Locations

Where do you guys get your wood supplies from with a thickness of .25 inch or below?

I buy my 1/8” plywood from Jeremy Sawa (Etsy), Casey Cruise (Smokey hill designs) , Moth Creative (Etsy) and Oooch. All of them also sell 1/4”.

Where are you based ?

The typical advice is also to try searching the forum for “(material) source”.

So like “plywood source” in this case but you’ll probably get results on most things you might be looking for.

Ephraim, Utah

If you drive up to Salt Lake City there’s a Woodcraft there, but honestly online is gonna be your best bet. I’ve been loving http://ocoochhardwoods.com/ - their shipping is based on the overall cost of what’s in your basket, and they have bulk boxes of overstock/imperfects that are great if you wanna fool around on random stuff :slight_smile:


I get good stuff from here: https://www.gvwp.net/

Sometimes a little pricey but always great quality.


There’s a rugby architectural building supply location in SLC. they sell full 5’x5’ sheets of Baltic birch plywood for about $15. Each sheet like this can cut down to 15 full-bed size pieces.

You’ll have to get it home and cut it down somehow (if you ask around at other lumber yards they might do it for you for a fee on their panel saw), I use a circular saw and a rip cut.

Also macbeath is in slc, I wasn’t knocked out by their selection but if you have a resaw setup it could be a good source.


Thank you everyone for sharing your sources. I bought on Etsy once, but the wood was bent and messed up my cuts, that I would have had to make a second pass, and it was annoying. I guess I will try some of these others on Etsy, other online vendors, and in SLC.

How do I search for vendors on Etsy? Do I just use the search bar at the top? I wasn’t able to find Jeremy Sawa.

I actually just logged into Etsy and saw my order from the very same Jeremy Sawa. I didn’t like that the boards were bent. Even with putting a lot of weight on them for a week they still didn’t flex back. It was annoying and I have five sheets of cuts that I cannot use because it didn’t go all the way through. Its basically going to be have to used as scraps for smaller projects.

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Definitely let Jeremy know about the problem with the boards.