Wood Supply Question (what gives)

Wondering where all the wood is? Everytime I look for Proof Grade material everything is sold out.

What gives GlowForge— What I’d like to see if you can’t have product in stock is some better support within the software for “non” proof grade material… e.g. your best estimate for various commonly sources materials…

I’m wondering if I made a mistake buying this machine… :frowning:

Before the pandemic the store would run out of items one or two at a time and restock them fairly quickly. It seems unlikely the pandemic and the company’s ability to keep their store stocked are unrealated.

As for best estimates on the settings for non-proofgrade, they are the proofgrade settings. Acrylic is acrylic, it’s only the thickness that really matters. The same is true for vegetable tanned, non-dyed leather. I’ve seen postings around here about the equivalent weight (how it is sold everywhere but here) for medium, thick and thin. The proofgrade plywood is mdf core plywood with a thick, nicely matched, veneer. The settings for other mdf core plywood should be the same for the same thickness. There are settings in Beyond the Manual for true Baltic Birch. I find 1/8"/3mm BB cuts similar to proofgrade Maple plywood. The proofgrade hardwoods should cut the same as non-proofgrade of similar thickness.

Glowforge has made it very clear over the years they don’t support non-proofgrade in nearly any way, pandemic or no pandemic. Some people here agree with that, many others do not, I can see both sides of the argument. As I don’t use much proofgrade I generally steer clear.

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Welcome to the forum.

As you’re now a part of an active community you can take advantage of it and read up before asking something like this. Searching for “proofgrade sold out” will find you a boatload of threads about this exact topic, and you won’t even need to ask again. Instant gratification!


The forum is full of so much info. Anytime you’re thinking “I should ask the forum”, the first step should always be to look at what’s already here… it’s why we’ve taken so much time to write all these posts, to save everyone some time and effort.


Sorry for posting on something that has information in the forum already. I am mainly concerned with the current status/state of product availability-- something that is not addressed yet. A simple statement from the company is what I and some others are wondering about and what steps are being taken.

Please-- I honestly feel that this is a topic that is timely and relevant.


So you’re not wrong. It’s timely and revenant and that has specifically been discussed too. You’re definitely not the only one concerned here.

As for a statement from the company: two things. One, they won’t see this discussion, they only monitor the problems and support category. And two, they actually have addressed it in an official update. Let me find it for you.


Aha here we go:

No worries on starting a new thread. The forum is like a kitchen junk drawer, you know everything is in here… somewhere. If you can’t find what you need after a minute of looking sometimes you just gotta ask. :slight_smile:


Glowforge staff don’t read the discussion forums, so you won’t get a statement from staff here.

They do respond to tickets opened by posting in Problems and Support, and over there, you will find they have responded to this question multiple times, with the same standard response. Paraphrased, they are working on it, and don’t know when things will improve.


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