Wood That Bends: Laser Cut Living Hinge Wood Products on Kickstarter!



Came across this on youtube. Is there any files of this type of cuts or any other way we can make it. What’s mathematics behind it.


You’ll see many, many examples of living hinges within this forum. A quick search should yield you plenty of results. Several have provided some good math to work with as well.


ok. thanks


Four ways bendable


If you’re really curious on the mathematics behind it. This is the best site - Deferred Procrastination Blog.


Awesome. Thanks.


Thats really fantastic. Thanks you shared it. Now my concern is can it be used on 1mm material thickness as well.


Space filling curves like the Hilbert curve perhaps?


Hmmm, they’ve missed the boat a bit, haven’t they!?


Inkscape has several extensions but you can do it yourself. As mentioned search the forum for living hinge and you will find loads of stuff


here a couple of links to good / free patterns: