Wood & tile Pendants


I designed some wooden pendants with spaces for tiny tiles and beads. Here’s a few of them, made with PG cherry plywood:


Oh, I love these! Especially the top middle one and the two on the lower, righthand (2nd and 3rd in from the right)…they look like the tiny tile ones? Are all those beads and tiles glued in? What a great idea!


Dang, that steps it up a notch!


Love it! Love it! Love it! :grinning:
You’ve even got teenier than tiny beads in there like a little mosaic. (Maybe next…a tiny pastoral scene with a fox in a field, all done with the tiny beads…)


Heh. I think that would be a bit out of my league.


I love these! I was thinking of using some of the tiny mosaic pieces for a project as well. Did you cut all the way through? If so, may I ask how the back looks? I’ve been trying to think of ways I could cover the back without adding too much bulk.


I just engraved a well into the top sides to put the tiles and beads into. Here’s what the back sides look like:

I really need to come up with a logo to put there…


Those are really neat!


Oh, wow. You really did a lovely job on those!


Oh my!!! Fabulous! I love these.



Reminds me … order miniature tiles!




Seriously though - they are awesome!! Came out wonderfully and open up a whole new idea for earrings, etc.


Tiny tiles are a game changer. Your designs are wonderful - always something new!


I wish I were retired. I can’t devote the time I want to creating. These are so cool!