Wood tray engrave settings

1000 speed
100 power
225 LPI
.25 IN
1 pass

I also left the try in since it fit under the laser box fine and made sure to set the focus height the thickness of the wood. It was actually JUST under a quarter so I rounded up.

This turned out awesome, but I should have put a masking tape over it to prevent smoke damaging. I also like to use tape in case I want to paint the engraving before I peel off the masking.


That really looks great. Where did you find the tray. :blush:

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Nice work! A zeiss wipe or baby wipe would probably take the smoke stain right off.

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Nice tray! Of course, everything is better with an engraving.

Magic eraser might remove that smoke stain…

Update: I actually used a baby wipe per suggesting and it worked perfectly. Kinda crazy cause Goo gone didn’t even work.


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