Wood veneer bookmarks

So this was a fun afternoon project. I am reading an actual physical book (I know, who does THAT anymore) and kept losing my place every time I would pick it up again. I also happened to be in the process of doing kerf tests for a wood veneer laptop skin and thought, “you know, I could make a pretty sweet bookmark with all this wood veneer”. I drew up a couple quick designs, (the Mandalorian themed one was my Son’s request), applied the kerf offsets I had already been testing and had these done in a couple hours. Died leather laces for bookmark tassels and, Bob’s your uncle, I had a couple of fully functional book marks. They are both double sided with a layer of 3M double sided adhesive sheeting sandwiched between the two veneer layers. The main body of each bookmark is rift sawn cherry veneer. The inlay on the monogram is walnut burl and the mando inlay is a striped Australian walnut.

Even after two years of messing around with this machine I am continually blown away by the precision it is capable of.


Those are beautiful - and I think you nailed the kerf! That Australian walnut is incredibly nice - such a rich red with the almost black stripes :slight_smile:


Wow these are really gorgeous! :heart_eyes:


Very nice! And I am one of those that still read actual physical books! I have the entire Louie Lamour series, (one of my favorites) plus a LOT of other books I read over and over. :slight_smile: Still have to make some bookmarks for mine though!


Those are truly awesome. The inlay is spot on!


So nice!


I do it every evening reading to my son! It is a pleasure! Great work on the bookmarks! Love the Mando!


I think it’s very cool that your monogram is BAD. I’m sure you take advantage of that…:laughing:


I love the detail on that monogram! And how you arranged your last initial to be big and in the middle. Did you do the same thing on the other side, or leave blank, or?


Oh yeah. My son’s name is Samuel and my wife said the other day we missed an opportunity by not giving him a middle name that starts with “M”. If we had done so, his name and monogram would be SAM!

The other side is identical. The Mandalorian one has two different sides.

My daughter gave birth to a daughter this past year. Just before the birth she told us their choice for a name. I responded, “wonderful name, but please say the initials out loud and think on it”.

The original choice would have resulted in a horrific teenage experience. She quickly changed the middle name.


These look great!! Giving a set of books to our Grandson for his birthday, may have to come up with a bookmark.

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We have a friend from Ukraine who’s nickname is the very common shortening of Vladimir to Vulva - upon meeting English speakers he found out why that’s funny to us.
When his wife was pregnant he sent the list of names & nicknames they were considering to people in every country he could to make sure his kid didn’t have a similar experience!


Gorgeous! Did you deep engrave for the veneer or cut all the way through?