Wood Veneer stickers

Cue fact-finding mission!

I accompanied the wife on a Hobby Lobby excursion and picked up a pack of the Silhouette wood sheets.

Here’s a sticker made with the maple, one of the 3 finishes in each pack:

The wood looks and cuts great, but I couldn’t find any setting that engraves it well.

Too thin compared to e.g. Proofgrade veneer, darn. Should work fine for cut and scored designs though.

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You’re on the ball! One of the biggest complaints was the adhesive, so let me know when it’s stuck. :wink:

I scored the design this time, and then stuck it to this hide-away drawer I keep my sanding blocks in. It’s not coming back off unless I want to break it.


I buy rolls of veneer from the lumber store. It’s unfinished and paper-backed (they do sell 3M backed in the roll for about double the price). I apply my own 3M backing to it. It cuts, engraves, and scores well with proofgrade settings.

At 25 dollars a roll (30 after taxes), I can get 5 sheets, so it’s not too bad. Lately I’ve been buying the 24x96 inch rolls and getting double the sheets for less than double the price (like 46)… I’m not sure how many others have a giant roll of 3M tape lying around, but this is what works for me.


Really good idea!!