Wood Veneer stickers

I’m currently selling these for $3.5 each and Idk if thats a good price or what, sometimes it’s hard to price stuff when there’s not others in your field doing it. I figure I’ll charge what people charge for fancy vinyl?


How long does it take to engrave one? And how much does the material cost for what you use? Sometimes you’ll find that your time is worth more than what you are getting in return. Fancy vinyl doesn’t take as much time to engrave the image into wood. And the veneer is a bit pricier than any vinyl I use.


Then charge a premium for being the only one :slight_smile: Rather than be the same as an inferior product I’d start at double or triple the vinyl sticker charge.


I agree about calculating your costs and time and getting the price from there. Are people balking at the price? I’ve seen stickers for more than that. Not sure how they’re selling, though.


I think your customers will see wood sticker vs “plastic” sticker, and be willing to pay more for wood–it will be perceived as higher quality… Your work is very good and I expect it will sell well.


We have a well known local bookstore that sells printed and die cut wood stickers for $6, which is exactly what these people charge

So I’d find $6 or a bit more, since laser engraved, appropriate, especially if you also added color.


Any idea how they apply the color to the wood stickers? Can’t be hand done for 6 a piece. Curious…

I say more than 3.5. My experience with magnets starts at 5 and in some places I have seen magnets can go up to 8 or 9. Stickers and magnets aren’t exactly the same, but they are both in the instant deco family. How big are they. THere could also be a price size perception, too.

I’d guess direct UV printing. Expensive equipment to start but once you have it, it’s the fastest and most durable finish.

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Never, ever price on time and materials. You should price to what the customer will pay. It is nearly always higher than you think

If that’s a lot - then great, you’ve got something special.
If that’s a little - then find something else to make.


… or someone else to buy it! :grin:


I’d guess UV printing too, or maybe sublimation? I found this from the company, but it looks like it was before they offered colored versions.


What a great shop! Really great concept. Who would’ve thought you could make a living on stickers. Good on them. A UV printer…another machine for the wish list, but not sure how I would get that approved.