Woodchucks Sale

This is what kills small businesses. You shouldn’t sacrifice quality for speed. Quality is why people shop small. You should also know your limits. Better to have taken fewer of our orders and gotten them done, than to take more orders and fail at all of them.


this is part of the small, unsophisticated part. if your web site doesn’t connect to actual inventory, you can sell far more than what you have available. especially if news of low or sale prices get out.

But they’ve had a month to rectify the situation. It’s gone beyond a lack of sophistication to poor business management.

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yes, at this point it’s just that. and short-sighted because they’re probably losing plenty of long-term business.

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I just cancelled my order. Will check out some of the other options for what I need. :frowning:

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Good luck with that! I cancelled mine this morning—soon after an email saying they’d ship “later” this week—with a few extra boards thrown in. Two hours later I got an email with UPS shipping information. Argh! :sunglasses:


If the name Woodchucks wasn’t blatantly obvious, I could swear it was spelled L-A-S-E-R-T-I-L-E!

Same kind of communication, or lack thereof and agonizingly slow shipping.


except people seemed happier with the laser tiles once they showed up.


Interesting approach. Wait til your customers are annoyed enough to cancel and then spend extra money on them even though they are likely to never order from you again.

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Well if its any help, I did email them late yesterday about the saw marks and stating that the site says they are sanded and ready to go. I don’t have a large sander just a small palm one so it’ll take awhile to finish them up. After more inspection I did notice the 1/4" stuff was just as bad. Hopefully they will spend some time sanding future orders and you guy get something decent. Figured ignoring it they would just continue to send out the same stuff.

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Amazon has a number of reviews about them that say the same thing. I’m not sure quality control is their best strength.


I wonder what it would be…

I’ve purchased walnut from them and it was all good wood.

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All of my walnut was smooth. Not finish sanded, but no blatant saw marks. They probably got overwhelmed and didn’t handle it well.

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I still haven’t heard anymore updates on my order :neutral_face: Do you think the “hit” they took was due to a forum post about a sale?:thinking: At the very least they should have notified everyone that they got “… more orders than anticipated and are working to fill them asap…” Instead I’m getting weeks of silence waiting for the “…let you know when it is shipped…” email… sigh…

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Anyone else receive their order as of yet? Its been over 3 days since I sent a followup email and no response at all. I pasted the email into the FB Message I had going before and nothing there either.

nope. almost 4 weeks since i ordered. i emailed again yesterday.

Nope. I cancelled my order, but never heard back. I just submitted an official request for reimbursement via PayPal.

I emailed twice this week with no response. So this afternoon, I sent them a message through Facebook. They just now responded, with a different explanation for the delay.than previously peovided to others. And by the way, I ordered 5 items on sale so I dont know why that would be considered “complex”

Here is what they said:

Hi Gary,

My apologies on the communication delay, Dirk is horribly behind in correspondence due to the “woodworkers event of the year,” the Amish Auction where we buy a significant portion of our inventory from. We have been running around the state ferrying Amish and their product back and forth to the fairgrounds from their sawmills. So emails have been taking a back seat to processing new orders (not making them, but putting new ones onto the list) - this also happens to be the busiest time of year and it’s increasingly difficult for us to keep up with demand. After the auction we should be able to hire some additional help but until then we are doing the best we can to manage.

Dirk has reviewed your order with me and see that you are needing 5 different species making it somewhat complex. It’s not a problem, and it’s in process now, but as I mentioned this week saw a sharp decrease in productivity and business as usual.

Dirk has promised to handle your order first thing Monday and you will receive when it’s complete.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions or concerns. Again, my apologies for the delay and poor communication.

Suzi & Dirk

Everyone gets their own fresh excuse.