Woodcraft Class Projects

Woodworking class at school has started using the GF and just wanted to share a couple projects. I have only been using the GF for a month and have plenty to learn.
The moose is a drawing from a scroll saw pattern book. It was cut from 1/4" plywood, glued to 1/2" pine background and then the frame made using planer, table saw and miter box saw.
The pine state of Maine was cut from 1/2" pine with a scroll saw, and then the image engraved onto it.
I am pleased with the outcome and students like working with the GF. Biggest issue is the location of the machine on the opposite end of the building from my wood shop classroom.



Nice! I really like the contrast on the first piece. The background and frame really make the light wood design pop out.

The Maine piece is sweet. I lived in Machias, Maine for a year — beautiful part of the country.

Only 1 month? I can’t wait to see what you and your students can create by the end of the year.

These are both great. Who doesn’t love a moose? Love the Maine engraving … my mother-in-law is from there … I’ve done a few embroidery projects for her of Cape Neddick.


Both pieces are wonderful! The moose is full of contract and depth.

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They both look fantastic! I’ll bet there is fierce competition for who gets to use the Glowforge next, haha!

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Love both pieces. I cut a lot of scroll saw patterns with my Glowforge and using proof grade materials. I have not had much luck cutting 1/4" plywood. What kind of plywood & settings did you use for the moose and how many passes?

Very Nice! Thanks for sharing your work :sunglasses:

Those are great. It’s really cool to see how GFs are used in schools.

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I order Top Choice SkyPly 1/4-in HPVA Birch Plywood from Lowes for scroll saw projects. It is roughly $30 for a 4’ x 8’ sheet. Students use it primarily for a scroll saw project - creating something cut primarily with scroll saw.

I use settings for proofgrade medium basswood plywood and it cuts and burns pretty well.
The plywood does splinter some when cutting on woodworking machines. Not the best material, but I have to trade off cost, quantity and student experience when purchasing.