Wooden Chest (without living hinge.)


Okay so I chose my first project before coming to realize just how many chests are out there already and perhaps how much easier it would have been to have made one of them. :slight_smile: Too bad! I got this pattern from a fellow on Etsy who sells the chests. He was kind enough to sell me the pattern for personal use. (So I think I shouldn’t share it? Yah, prob not.) I’ll share his info if anyone is interested, but I imagine with all the chest patterns around here…

I used some of the proofgrade material that came with my laser. The plywood - Medium Maple. Lucky for me the dimensions were right for it nearly spot on. I had to use a needle file on the hasp and the slot in the front of the chest to get the lock loop through. Yah I just make up terms for things.

Anyway, it was fun figuring out how to put this together. The pattern didn’t come with instructions. If I’m honest it wasn’t difficult. :slight_smile:

This was my first woodworking project that involved glue as well. I left the paper on the box until I was finished gluing in nearly all of the places and that really helped keep the faces clean.

Anyway, here are the photos. I’m off to figure out what my next project will be. :smiley:





Ok I don’t understand why my images re-ordered themselves. Sorry guys.


Loved it !!! Thx for sharing.


Very nice first project! How will you top that?


Very ambitious first project. Lots of little parts.


Digging the hinges and latches. Very creative design!


Very cool. :grinning:


Great looking and fun project. Nice job on the photos and walk-through of all you did to get there.


Looks nice and solid! Nice work on the hinges& latch. :sunglasses:


I love your design!


Gosh, thanks everyone for the kind notes. :slight_smile:
I tried to re-order the images and managed to make it look a bit worse, go me! I think maybe I’ll carefully leave it alone now. :wink:


If only we could teach Lucas and Spielberg that lesson… :slight_smile:




Nice lid! That interlocking support is clever.

How do you find that copper wire as a hinge? I’ve seen a lot of designs that use stuff like a cut off nail. This looks much easier to work with.


I thought about using little nails that I liked for this but I ended up
using copper wire and hammering it into shape then filing it a bit to
remove the sharp edge. I used copper since it’s softer and easier to work
and I like the color. :slight_smile:


There are several nearly identical chests on thingiverse for free! I made one for my brother for Christmas and put a bunch of metallica artwork on it!


hah! Well hopefully that will be the last time I pay for a pattern you can get for free. :slight_smile:


I’m tackling the YT-1300 C4 Labs emailed me the files on the same day I emailed them asking if I could have them. Pretty swell.

I made some key fobs and etched some things on scrap, but that’s going to be my next big project. :slight_smile: