Wooden Clocks to Build

Started looking for Projects, and always wanted to build a clock, so far found three great sites, where you can buy plans…





A few of these are the top of my list of must haves.

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Pretty good discussions already. Lots of info.

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Pretty good discussion already. On the gear aspect especially. I too would love to experiment.

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Very cool!! Thanks @andrew !

Great links, thanks for sharing. I’m hoping to build a few like this myself and then come up with my own designs once I’ve got a feel for how the basic components are built.


These clocks look amazing, my concern would be the gears locking up when the wood swells throughout the seasons. Having multiple species of wood complicates it even more. I would like to hear from someone who has made a wooden gear clock who lives in a climate that is both humid and dry. The clocks could be made from acrylic or another stable material, but the beauty of the wood is part of the appeal. Anyway, I’ll probably try one of these when i get a forge and see what happens.

The designs are for wood, but you could always do acrylic or some other material too… might provide some novel aesthetics with alternate materials. =^)

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Veneer on top of acrylic could solve the looks issue.