Wooden iPhone for kids

I took some time on a recent Laser Thursday to make a few gifts for my cousins’ kids. One of them is inspired by this great teether I found on Etsy. Added a couple special touches and it’s ready for toddlers to drool all over!


Love that! Very creative! What is the wood? :slight_smile:

I think this is a sample of the upcoming Proofgrade plywood. The engrave came out great, and the edges sanded down to a nice smooth kid-friendly curve. I think they might have liked licking the soot of some of the other pieces I brought, though.


Haha, thanks! It seems quite clear!!

@dean, make sure my Uncle @marmak3261 visits this topic. I could use one of these.


Is the soy based glue that Dan mentioned for the Proofgrade plywood considered non-toxic? If so, that would really open up some possibilities where plywood in the past was not a safe option.


Cute babies always make me smile.:grin:

A very good question.

@dean: did you use the “put phone in Glowforge, auto trace image, remove phone, place material” method for this? :grinning:

Hopefully, but I’m not sure. The babies didn’t seem to mind.

I actually grabbed an Illustrator drawings of an iPhone and did it that way. It’s more of an illustration than a trace would be, and the dimensions of the phone are well known so there are lots of good drawings out there.

Oh man, that’s great! My kids would LOVE something like this :slight_smile: I could put their pictures on the “screen,” and have them each make a design for the back for the “case.”

Can’t wait until December!

Very nice ! Would also be a kewl frame (cut out the “screen”) for a selfie photo.


Yes, that is a creative idea!

Very cool Dean, Great idea!
Thank you for sharing that!

It’s also the chances of potential splinters I’d be wondering about, no matter how much you sand it. Just because they’ve no teeth doesn’t mean babies can’t be like little beavers. :stuck_out_tongue: