Wooden Knobs Engraved in mass qty

This took a little longer than I wanted to setup but I finally got it perfect. I wanted to engrave my logo on some wooden handles. The glowforge took care of 72 of them in 50 minutes. 1000/full power. I also created a template to set the handles in each time. So I can repeat this with no issues at all.


Quite a jig! Where are they going?

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These are nice. If I had a good metal lathe, the first thing I would make is a tamper for a portfilter for espresso machines. And using the Glowforge to engrave the wooden knobs like this would be perfect. Someday.

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About 5 years ago, I wanted to do Japanese style cooking at home. So I decided to make custom made to fit your grill “Griddle Tops” for BBQ’s. I like to steam veggies, plus many other things. So I invented a product called “Handle-It”. here is a link for you to see.
I am hoping to engrave many other products of mine with the GlowForge. Thanks for asking.


:grin: that looks like something I made up for my daughter for grilled cheese sandwiches. The bowl keeps the heat in so the cheese gets really melty before the bread gets overly dark or burns.

She used to make fun of me when I did it at home but she took it to college and recently texted me about using it and amazing her friends with her grilled cheese sandwiches. Now I can tell her that it’s an official not “just dad” idea so it’s not goofy any more :slightly_smiling_face:

Yours has a nicer handle than mine.

Love it!


That sounds way faster than the “low heat forever” approach I employ for gooey grilled cheese!


I came up with the idea because my wife would not let me put holes in her bowls. So I attached a magnet to the wooden knob and then use a steel washer for the under side of the bowl. Now you can use the bowl as a bowl and place the handle it on when you want to use it for a dome. We even use it with the big aluminum throw away pans. It makes a big dome. Now I can do a pizza on my griddle top. Watch for yourself. Pizza on a bbq griddle.

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It is. I use American or CheezWhiz so it melts fast but the rest of the family likes cheddar which takes a lot longer to melt - forever for the heat to migrate through the read. The bowl trick works great to surround the sandwich with heat :slightly_smiling_face:

Daughter used to make fun of me because “no one does that”. Now that she’s doing it herself it’s suddenly a great idea

Kids :grin:

Just make sure it’s raw steel and not galvanized. Galv gives off toxic fumes when heated.

Get a cast iron pizza pan from Nordic. It’s about 15lbs of steel so it soaks up a ton of heat and then doesn’t lose too much when you put the cold (room temp is cold to a 650 degree pan) pie on it. You can put the ceramic one I see in the video in top if you like - especially if you do a wet dough or piles of toppings as it will soak up the moisture. But the cast iron has serious thermal mass and is great for thin crust.


Great project for your business! They turned out perfect.

Thanks ptodd