Wooden pallet shelves

I really liked the wooden pallet coasters included with pro, but I wanted something with shelves to hold some of my materials. I liked how this came out and was WAY easier to glue because of the wee notches I cut in the shelves that helped immensely with the alignment:

Side of the shelf:

Some slats for the shelf:

Note! Slats will be one short per shelf since I was trying to cram as many slats as I could onto some existing off-cuts I had, but it turned out a couple of the slats didn’t quite cut right so it was good to have some extras. Works real nicely for 6x12 and 5x10 :proofgrade: materials along with random smaller off-cuts:

I wound up gluing a couple pieces of draftboard diagonally to the back for extra stability since I plan on keeping a ton of stuff on it, but it was still pretty sturdy without it. Still haven’t quite figured out how to design for cross bracing, but I’m strongly considering a remake of this with 1/4 inch wood that’d be big enough to hold full sheets of material, so I’ll update if I figure out how to do that :innocent:.


I’m impressed the uprights hold all that weight without collapsing!!


If you went extra wide with a large piece, with finger joints across the back it would be like a rock. Only slightly less so would be to box in each pair (and spread them twice as far apart.) :grin:


This looks great and I too am impressed that it can hold the weight. I’d this made entirely out of draft board?

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really elegant solution!

What a great bit of design to use cutouts to help with glue alignment of the slats. Thank you for sharing!


This really is impressive at the amount of weight that’s on there and the sturdiness of the design! Great job!


No, just the couple bits I glued to the back. The rest is Baltic Birch plywood.


Yeah I think going for 8 of the sideways bits helped a lot - helps distribute the weight on the arms quite a bit.


Impressive amount it holds


Thanks! I’m always amazed by how much weight real pallets can hold so I figure there’s got to be something in that design :innocent:


Think triangles. More in your design than the pallets as their height is much less than yours. A square is weak but make it two triangles and it is very strong.

Ditto! That’s pretty good1

greet job ty!

if you do a flat panel on the back with cutouts and the shelf files put the notches, you can put the panel across the entire back and it wouldn’t move at all. kinda like the back to a bookshelf.

I’m not 100% sure what you mean by this - can you give a little more detail?

For what it’s worth I personally wanted the back be open to accommodate weirdly-shaped pieces, but maybe other people want more of a bookshelf look.

Like the little cutouts you have for the shelves for the slats to sit flush along each arm, you can do 3 across the back of the arms at the top bottom and middle and it with strengthen the whole thing. the slats would be flush with the back and you can still leave the spaces for the weird pieces.


Ahhhhh got it, thank you for the clarification!

NP, let me know if you get it working, i want to build one of these for my storage area when im working on signs and they are in different stages. I’m running out of workbench space.