Wooden Pendant as a Dog Tag


We adopted a dog from Animal Services last month, and named her Zelda (because she’s a princess, but also a secret ninja). Custom leather collar and engraved anodized aluminum dog tags will happen eventually, but in the meantime I grabbed the pendant design from the catalog and dropped a stylized triforce onto it. Later, I wrote “Zelda” on the masking with a pen, dropped it back into it’s hole and used the trace function. It was flipped in place and the other side got the exact same treatment.

She was being feisty, and that made phototime Difficult, Difficult, Lemon, Difficult.


Perfect! Glad you didn’t have a… RUFF time of it!


And I can see she loves it!


She’s beautiful!

(tag’s very nice too, but she stole the scene IMO :wink: )


:heart_eyes: that happy puppy face!


Great idea!


I like the combo of precision and hand drawn! Beautiful girl you got there! Way to help fill that hole in your heart man. Budders would revel in his best friend’s happiness.


Both your dog and her tag are groovy. Looks like somone is enjoying the limelight :slight_smile:



I had the exact same idea last week! My dogs don’t normally wear collars and I needed some non-jingly tags for a road trip. GF to the rescue. :slight_smile: Yours is a lot more fancy-schmancy though.


I have always understood that it’s always a bad idea to put a pet’s name on a tag - just contact details. Having the name makes it easier for pet thieves to handle stolen animals - especially more docile pets.


I have heard that before. If someone is going to steal my dog they will steal her from the car while I am paying for gas… that’s about the only time she is alone, and in that case they will do it whether or not her tag says her name. This is one of the drawbacks of having a desireable dog.

If you dog gets left tied up a lot, or in the back of a truck, or just wandering around, I would consider the name on a tag to be more of a concern. Z stays by my side.


Yeah, knowing a dog’s name will make it easier for someone to handle them and that’s why I included it. The likelihood of someone stealing them is a minuscule compared to them getting lost and someone finding them. My dogs don’t wear collars unless we’re away from home and I’d rather someone being able to sooth them by using their name. And if a thief already has their hands on the dog and can read the tag, it’s too late anyway. :slight_smile:


Good arguments guys. Personally I don’t have a dog. May be getting one soon though.


I have identical twins. Now that they’re 7 and want to dress themselves, our old system for telling them apart has gone out the window. Wondering if I can talk them into wearing charm bracelets that I make for them


Thanks for the inspiration!


We had twins in June and got the most permanent differentiating mark possible to tell them apart - one is a girl and one is a boy. Born 45 seconds apart, they look quite different.


They do have some tell-tale freckles. That’s the best we’re going to get when they’re standing still. The trouble is figuring out which name to scream as they’re running away from the scene of the crime. I’m thinking a color coded charm bracelet (perhaps with a distinct bell on it perhaps?!?!) may do the trick.


As long as we don’t even consider the laser engraved tattoos… :astonished:

(Oh and congrats !!!:baby_bottle: I’m ½twin with my sister now about 5 10 and im only 5 3…


A. How did I miss this cool post?
B. Zelda is so cute and pretty!
C. Awesome job on the tag