Wooden Piano Player



While this may not be made from a laser it could have been and may inspire some of you!


Wow, that’s so cool!!! Wish I had a spare piano just laying around :grin: Though, I suppose this could work in mini if you combine it with a music box? Regardless, I’m definitely inspired :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Agreed!! Creigslist has some used ones for free here… so tempting!


Oh man, I’m not even going to look for ones by me- I barely have room for the glowforge as it is! Perhaps we can convince @dan to put one in the Glowforge office, then we can send the team musical cityscapes :laughing:


Hahah! Yessssss!!! Just put your GF on top of the piano. :wink:


There are always free pianos on craigslist. Most often they up two flights of stairs and around an impossible corner. :confounded:


Haha, yup!


This thing astonishes me. I have a suspicion that my engineer/musician sweetie will be cooking up things that take up this much space and make this much lovely sound as soon as my Forge walks through the door. His tax return is going to a [Rostok Max 3d printer] (http://www.seemecnc.com/products/rostock-max-complete-kit) to make parts for some configurable didgeridoos in the meantime.


Who plays the didgeridoo? Configurable? That sounds interesting!
Doesn’t that require cyclical breathing?


My sweetie, Jerome, plays didge. Each instrument can only make a very limited set of notes, and if you want a higher or lower pitch or different key, you have to get a another didge. He’s been interested in making them for quite a while, with the idea of having moving parts that would allow the user to change the shape of the air chamber, and therefore modify the sound profile (i.e., one didge=all the sounds). I think a more modular, snap-in/snap-out design would be easier to make and use, so we’ll be playing around with multiple options.

As for circular breathing, anyone can make sounds with a didgeridoo without circular breathing, but to properly play it, the technique is required. He can circular breathe pretty well, though I became much more impressed with the ability when he started playing harmonica and now circular breathes when he plays harmonica. It’s super cool.


What a great innovation for that limited instrument!
Yes, you can seriously bend some notes on the harp inhaling. I think “F” is my fav key for a harmonica.