Wooden puzzle

I made this puzzle for my father-in-law out of maple wood. I didn’t realize when I made it I would be peeling transfer tape off of 500 pieces Off the front and back, it took me about three hours. Some of the pieces don’t have an image on it so I ended up putting a dot on the back of those so he would know they were the back I think this will keep him busy for a while. The box is an old cigar box that I had


What a lovely gift! You did a stellar job on it.

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Wow that’s some tiny kerf. Well done!

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This is really beautiful! As someone who actually enjoys weeding, I think even I would hate having to do it on tiny pieces for three hours. Good job!


Yeah, when I did an order of 1,000 1-1/2" tokens I learned after weeding the first 200 pieces to pull the mask first. I just dropped 15 or so into a cup with rubbing alcohol and let them set in it for a few minutes before removing them one by one and wiping them off on both sides with an old hand towel.
The residue wipes right off, took about 4 minutes to do 15 or so. Lightspeed as opposed to weeding.

One thing I did notice about the smoke residue, if you leave it overnight it gets harder and more stubborn to remove.


When I did a puzzle like this i pre-peeled the entire sheet off the back. There was minimal marking but saved half the peeling work. For the other side, I took sections of gaffer’s tape, laid the pieces of the puzzle on the strips of tape, and then ran the tape over the edge of the desk to peel the mask off. If this is not clear I can post a picture.

The other thing I did was not have a rectangular border for the puzzle for added complexity!

Nice puzzle!


Will definitely try this… Thanks for the tip!!

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