Wooden Spiral bowl - Dutch version

It’s been a while since we posted something.
We do try to read all other posts and liked this one:

Because the SVG was shared I could simply make my own.

I’m using 3mm birch triplex (still no Proofgrade material available in The Netherlands :wink: ) so I needed to adjust the design a little bit to make the feet tight fit the bowl.
I also enlarged the top circle to be able to engrave/score some text to make it more a gift.
In this photo I scored ‘Happy Birthday’ in Dutch. Don’t like it much, it is not very readable.
Will try another font and engraving next time.

Because the original SVF was shared, I share my version as well:
Spiral-bowl.zip (18.2 KB)

As said I’m using 3mm birch triplex, which I painted (after sanding) before cutting with mahogany stain.
My first version I painted afterward but then some spirals got glued together.
After cutting I use a dark wax to get the final color.
Cutting: 150/65
Score: 140/20 + defocessed to 0.25"

We will post more soon. My wife is working hard on a lot of silhouettes.


@josephiena: Good job! I like the wider lip on your version of the bowl. :sunglasses:

Great looking bowl!

Sent you an invite for the Dutch Glowforge Cut Club (formerly the Dutch Glowforge Owners Society) whatsapp group!


Beautiful, very nice work!

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