Wooden two handed sword

Who goes there? It is I, the Sunpiercer, come to save the day.

This is part of a three sword (so far) series that I’ve explored, a 46" LOA two-handed sword (it’s hilariously large in hand, you guys gotta make one). I’m not going to get into process details, we’ve covered them a lot on the forum. Instead I’ll list a series of skills that you will need and you can search for them.

Things you’ll need to know:

  • Passthrough technique
  • Kerf Adjustment
  • Cutting and scoring techniques

Things it is good to know:

  • Wood staining
  • Wood finishing
  • Edge sanding/shaping techniques [search for my layered round boxes, I talk about it at length)
  • A functional knowledge of your Agrippa.


  • 1/8" baltic birch
  • Wood glue
  • Wood stain (optional)
  • Wood finish (I used wipe on satin polyurethane


  • A belt sander is really nice to have for shaping the blade. It will save you so much time.
  • Hand sanding block is basically a requirement
  • A bench vise or a clever clamping solution (Far harder to try to hold this while you do detail sanding. A vise really helps)
  • Clamps. Lots of clamps. You’ll glue a lot of parts together, but the blade is three layers of 1/8" ply thick, and that requires a lot of clamps to keep it together while the glue sets.

Banana intentionally not included, go to the third post in this series to see that… but I mean come on:

It just makes be cackle when I pick it up :slight_smile: I want to go conquer some normans or something.


All three are cutting edge.


The handle is 89 layers of BB, stacked and shaped. The edges are the easy part :slight_smile:


I saw this one in person in the early stages. It made me want go on a conquest. :slight_smile:


Fewer than 90? Slacker.



So begging for a steel blade with engrave and in this case steel guard. :heart_eyes:


Looks really cool!

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