Wooden Wedding Sign

Hello Everyone. I just finished a wedding sign and had a blast. I cut out the letters on the glowforge but got the sign at the store. Hope you enjoy! :slight_smile:


Beautiful. Are the letters painted or acrylic?

Did you use a template to attach them to the sign or did you just “eyeball” it?


Very nice!


It’s classic and beautiful! I especially love your font choice.

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Hello. Sorry for the late respond. No…I painted the text. I used a tape measure. Thank you.

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Thanks for the reply!

After looking at the photos a little closer I was assuming the letters painted. It looked like they were painted after they were cut, so sometimes the paint covered the edge making it look like it could have been acrylic.

So you lined up text with a tape measure? How does that process work? I have never tried to do that. How do you know how far the letters are supposed to be apart?

beautiful! Nice font choice.