Woodpile / wood stacking art


I ran across these cool wood stacking art forms and thought I’d share some of them. There are many, many more out there. I thought about cutting shapes out of scrap veneer of various types to replicate this idea with a wall hanging.


They will look nice and it will be a way to use even the smallest part of the scrap from other projects :slight_smile:


Chuckle! I’d probably freeze before burning it. (Not so good.) Love that felled tree. :relaxed:


I’d love to see one with a Star Trek theme.


Holy smokes! A whole new art form I’ve never heard of! Thanks for sharing.


Yes…me too…I hope thats extra…lol


So, should this be like a rule or something? If it has to do with arranging physcial objects, there has to be an art dedicated to it.

Bristly boar FTW!


Fanciest I ever managed was a circle-stack.

This was a rental place, and it turned out to be a much wetter place than I expected; the circle stack kept getting drenched. Tarped it, but the rain came in sideways and the tarp promotes mold instead of allowing the pile to dry. So then I built a little woodshed from some free pallets and an old tarp.

Woodshed served me better than the circle. Landlord bought it from me when I left.


Too take something as mundane as a wood pile and make art out of it…that is really something. Of course, the GF will help many of you take ordinary materials and make art. - Rich


You are inspiring me to make a woodshed. I can do a 1/2 cord stored under my oven, but I really need to get the rest of it under cover. Nice design.


A few more…