Woodworking Magazines or similar?

Just curious what magazines people here subscribe to? I’ve been getting Make Magazine since the beginning, and occasionally I’ll pick something up at WoodCraft. Anybody here have recommendations for magazine subscriptions?

The “real” kind, that you hold, printed on paper hahaha. The kids these days with their digital versions…

I just subscribed to a couple of woodworking magazines, but haven’t received any copies yet, so I can’t say one way or another if they are any good.

I do get Handyman Magazine though, and it’s pretty awesome; lots of home repair, build, construction projects, tips, tools, etc.

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I found these two and they awesome for the glowforge!

This one is animal puzzles for scroll saw

This one is Wooden puzzles. I think this stuff is cool.

Wooden clocks!!

And here is wooden toys.

I have zero affiliation with this company, just came across these links and thought they would be perfect for our new toy!

Fine woodworking magazine is my favorite woodworking magazine. I’ve had a subscription for many years and learned much of what I know about woodworking from it. The companion website finewoodworking.com is an excellent companion website. Their publishing company Tauton press puts out many excellent woodworking books also. Their line of “complete Illustrated guide to…” books are good.

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Check out the scroll saw bowl thread someone posted…it’s incredible!