WOOHOO! UK Glowforge Pro Delivery: SUCCESS!

“Mayhem” is set up and completed smiley face print.


Mine just arrived about 30 minutes ago.
No bloody crumb tray yet though.


Congrats to both of you! :grinning:

(sorry about the crumb tray)


Drat: fingers x’d for you! May not make you feel any better, but I don’t have the materials yet (my own fault).

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I just got my ProofGrade, just waiting for the Glowforge now. But will give me a change to measure and scan the labels on the Proofgrade to use on local supplies.

Don’t you have a collection of books that you could stack material on? I kid, I kid! Congrats!


It’s probably less trouble to do this:


I saw that but I know what i’m like at forgetting the change the material type.

Yu can cut without the crumb tray - I think there was nothing else in that box, so a stack of books would be perfect :wink:


or a stack of 12x12 Baltic Birch from the local wood store. I use a set of 6 & 3 mm ones - easy to get the stack sized so the material on top is within range.

or even slices of dimensional lumber - 1X and 5/4 and 1/2" all are easy to get at the local Home Depot or other big box home/building supply store.

I have considered you particularly in waiting for international units to go out.
You have been such a delightful contributor to the forums and I have missed you since you went quiet some 9 months back.
I am SO delighted that yours finally arrived.
Thanks for your contributions, and hello again.


Hi there,
I’m glad to be back. I’ve kind of taken on the status of “Lurker” over the last few months, I’ve been popping my head in, but not contributing. With the continued delays in international shipping things seemed a little confrontational here and I was beginning to feel that the usual bonhomie was fading a bit. So I decided to duck out for a while.
Also Him Indoors went for a simple surgery back in October which was supposed to involve 1 or 2 nights in hospital. Things went a little pear shaped and he ended up staying for a month! Including a week in ICU.
He’s recovering well, but it’s going to be a while before he’s fully functional again.
We are both very excited about the arrival of the GF though and he couldn’t be bothered to wait for the Crumb tray and has already printed off the (metric) Founders ruler.
Looking forward to sharing some projects as and when they happen.


Him indoors took you at your word, now the proud owners of a Founders ruler.:grinning:
Although he did go with @jamesdhatch and put in some sheets of ply.:grinning:


Oh dear! I’m sorry to hear there were complications, but I’m glad he’s okay now.

And that you finally got your machine. Now for the tray… :smile:

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