Work Awards


At work they asked if I could help with the “awards” for some 20 yr anniversary employees. They ordered the UPS metal (old fashion) trucks and originally asked if I could engrave on them. They wouldn’t fit in the :glowforge: and I didn’t want to risk sandblasting (still a hobby - glasses are easy to replace - they only had the 6 of these). Instead I suggested a base of some sort that I could engrave or do something with - they liked that idea. Anyways, this is what i came up with :slight_smile:

The quarter for scale. The base is 0.5 inch clear acrylic (Basic cut it like butter !!) with the tire divots engraved , then clear acrylic for the “arch”. Two-color (black and white) for the circular sign. The alorica was from 3 different colored acrylic (plus a black piece behind). Was satisfying to cut the little letters out of blue and pop them into the white . Originally I had some brown acrylic that I engraved the circular with, then painted the engraving yellow, but couldn’t get it to look as “clean” as the two color acrylic.
The names were just engraved and then acrylic paint wiped into the engraving - a piece of white acrylic behind the name to make it easier to see. Some clear rubber feet and done…
They seemed pleased (thanks :glowforge:)

Help with half inch acrylic

That turned out great! Nice thinking on the presentation, really looks like a polished product.


Awesome work overall with your project. However the ‘alorica’ is super sweet. What software did you design it in? Has given me great idea for a project I’m currently working on, thanks for sharing :+1:


I just used Inkscape (The UPS circle was done in Silhouette software - had the design for glasses I etched last year - just exported that design to SVG to use in Inkscape)


Very nice job on this! I’m sure these awards will be treasured.


The lining up of the 3 different acrylics look perfect did you need to adjust much in Inkscape to achieve this result?


Sweet display! I’ll bet they were pleased as punch! :grinning:


This is absolutely fantastic!


Wow! Definitely would exceed my expectations as a recipient.


Stunning work! They will cherish these!




love your design. Exceptional.


That’s some fantastic improving to come up with something original but just as posh on the fly like that!