Worked to design a proper fitting servo horn! [Robotics]

I have been having a blast with this thing… but I wanted to reel it in and do some engineering [Which is also fun but this part was not] and attempt cutting little negatives for the gear drive leaving a servo SG90!

The pics posted backwards but note the white nylon original horn… I did not want to engineer around this… just all laser cut stuff! The crosses are just attempts at getting a laser cut socket to fit.

Looking forward to doing a lot with this! Keep an eye out for my crazy projects.

Success! It fits perfectly and I was able to go from a simple base to horn blank to spur gear attachment!! This is fantastic. I used Fusion 360 to slowly chip away at it.


It really came out good. Don’t forget that for more durability you can cut Delrin (acetal) in your Glowforge.


Fantastic! I always struggle to figure out how to connect motors to things. This is a useful reference!

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I see some of those in my future.


Nice job working through to keep it all laser cut.