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Happy Monday,

I have been trying this ALL day and can not figure it out. I am working in Adobe Illustrator trying to complete what I thought was a simple sign :frowning: I am trying to merge 3 short lines of text, joined by a line in between each line. When I move the saved SVG image into my glowforge everything disappears but the lines. What am I doing wrong?

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I can’t help with AI sadly, but if you post your .svg I can probably get you a working file…

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Are you converting the text to a path? The Glowforge doesn’t recognize text, as noted in the error message you are getting.


As the warning message says-- your file still contains text, so it has removed it. This is super easy to fix – Please check your SVG export settings:

The “learn more” link at the end of the warning explains exactly what is happening. You might check it out, too.


First you have to convert the text to outlines, (just select it, right click, and Create Outlines), then Expand the lines, (select each line, then Object >Expand), then you can use the Unite tool in the Pathfinder pallet to join the letters to the lines. Overlap them slightly, then use the Unite tool. Set the Fill color to null AFTER you join the shapes, and give it a stroke color so you can see how it joined.


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