Working on Company name and logo

Im working on my company name and logo. Bodie is my little girl, she’s is a English bulldog and hangs around with me in the shop. I have a mock up in Photoshop of what it would look like in graved in wood but I have an actual test cut and engraving in natural leather. Just use the default settings for the material. I’m really interested in hearing what the community here has to say about the name… Not necessarily the design because once I’ve narrowed it down there’s just about as much time and energy that goes into tweaking letter spacing in alignment. (Logo is all my creation done in adobe illustrator)


Wow, that looks great.


Nice job on the design and prints.

Demonstrates the need to create high-contrast designs when engraving on natural materials.


Wow, that looks amazing! Great job on the details with that and I love the font!


Really nice work on the design! That font is perfect, the layout too.

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Well, since no one answered the actual question you asked…do we like the name? I will color inside the lines and say, yes…I love it. Even if that’s wasn’t your cutie dog’s name, it would still be a good-sounding business name. And, as an aside, the design is terrific, too.


lol… I never made it as far as that question, as the design is so captivating!!

Yeah, perfect name as well!


So with company names it is worth testing a few things:

  1. Do you have to spell it every time you talk on the phone
  2. Is the web domain available?
  3. Will you actually abbreviate it - and is the abbreviation OK?
  4. Are the initials OK and don’t spell something they shouldn’t!?
  5. If you google the main name does anything troublesome come up?
  6. Will your dog bark every time you tell someone the name?
  7. If you later become an llc or ltd or similar, does it still sound OK?
  8. When you retire - could you sell the name and company?

It matters to you, and you see it everyday. But to your customers, 99% of the time they will not care what you are called - easy googling/domain is much more important.

I like the name by the way.


Very nice


I like it, it makes me think of Mr. Body from clue.


Like that font especially!

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Googling Bodie turns up a ghost town in California, which also took the domain
Of course there are other alternatives like .co .org .biz
Bodie has a nice soft rounded ring and flows smoothly, but over the phone you might have to spell it because there is no previous frame of reference.

It is the ghost town that my little girl was named after… Being a photographer I have been there many times. And I really love the place. I did register the name
One of my Photographs from Bodie.


I think this bodes well for you. Good choices all around.


I see what you did there :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Oh wow, that photo is amazing! You should try it on tile—it would come out great.

Love the company name and logo design. If you want the engraved one to come out looking more like your mockup, you might experiment with deeper engraving settings to get that cool shadow effect.


Love it! My shop dog is probably a much larger dust magnet than yours haha (he’s a mini golden-doodle)

I think the name’s great, and your logo is great! Good work on both! And your dog is very cute!

Absolute perfection!!! Love the name, love the font and most important love the pup!!


Love the outlined look of the font
the font itself
the angle and slight curve of the font
the larger lead, capital letters
Bodie (of course)
The filling of the space
OK, OK, everything…yeah that’s what I like. I should not comment on a Friday when I drink Jack and Coke, but these are both so good