Working trial settings into your design

So incase you are not already aware, getting perfect settings on your first try on a new material is not really a sure thing. I am making this post to make sure there is no misunderstanding that I nail design settings the first try. Whenever I try and glowforge a new items I always first work a little test run into the design.

Some examples…

These shoes:


Well I first put a little jeep logo on the inside face of the shoe:

This jacket:


Well I first put a small design on the cuff:

This pumpkin:

Well I did one leaf first before the rest.

This hat and pants:

Well there is a small jeep logo in the underside of the hat brim and a small jeep on the ankle of one of the pant legs.

So what I mainly am trying to say is, I don’t get settings right the first time, I plan for them to need a little adjusting and work that into my makes. Just keep that in mind when you find settings on the community. They are a great start but the source of your material might be just a little different and you might have to slightly edit them.


Good idea, also on lots of designs you can put in extra stuff that it never visible.


Some very neat stuff! I need to do more clothing. I love these!

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