Working with Leather Queations

Trying to find advise on a few things since I am new to leather. Veg Tan is what I am asking about.

Do you dye your leather first? Then cut? If dying first to you use the conditionor or sealer first before cutting. I am trying different methods seeing what I like. Just not sure what is best.

I am making leather Pet Id tags.

If engraving and cutting before dying. Since small pieces would you just do a quick dunk in a bowl to dye them? I have tried using the sponge and is ok. Just looking for tips


Looking forward to seeing the replies on this. :slight_smile: those are good questions!

I’m afraid the answer is - testing.

There are lots of different types of dye, and each will give a slightly different result. I mostly use Eco-Flo which seals itself.
I also clean & condition after I cut because the cutting crisps the edge so the first thing I’d try is dye, then mask, then cut, then clean, then condition - but that might give you less colour than you’re hoping for.

Dying last is a touch more complicated since it’s a bunch of small bits, but dipping is totally doable. It’ll have a different look than sponging so make sure you like the look!

I look forward to seeing your results :slight_smile:


You might try emailing Little King Goods.

He has some great YT videos about leather working and is using a Glowforge.



Thank you for your answer. The brand I am also using is Eco - Flo waterstain and so sar 1 Eco Flo Gel antique.

I did notice a cleaner cut after dying and masking. I would prefer the method of dying then cutting.

I also have the Eco-Flo Satin Shene.

Wanted to make sure I wasnt missing or doing something wrong.

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I love watching his videos. I will for sure message him. Thank you!