Working with LEDs

Just ordered led light strips to make some lightboxes that I will post next week but in the meantime I picked up several dollarstore nightlights and had some fun…made this for my son…
These will go on the list of custom on the spot items I plan to sell at craft and trade shows once my portable Glowforge comes in.


On the livestream, Dan liked to take the acrylic art people made and cast a shadow by shining perpendicular to it.

This same concept could work as a second variety of night light. Have an opaque half cone, with an acrylic part slanted against the wall. Light shines through acrylic with art and on to the wall for a larger image (bonus points if you reverse-perspective shift the artwork prior to cutting so the art looks non-distorted on a flat wall)


Thats an interesting idea…would need a brighter led I think but I’ll look into this…

Very cool idea!

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There ist fluerescending acryl and special material for that. I didn’t ordered some, because I still wait until the glowforge will arrive… :wink:
I also have some ideas for the LED-stand.

You’ll find some great work and ideas on amazon:


They used plain old clear on that design on Amazon…with a blue/white LED. The night light above was cut on clear and I used a blue LED
There IS florescent acrylics though…heres a sample of an ornament using the green/yellow. And an acrylic box using the red/pink. It grabs the light and makes the edges glow in daylight without an LED…


Nice result with the fluorescenting acryl and my asia-laser. This is a sign vor the holiday-bungalow of a friend of mine. Looking forward to get feedback if it illuminates without LEDs on night, just by the light of the street lamps…


Love the flouro colors…green and pink look best.

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