Workplace decorations


Workplace decorations, department doing Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass theme, drink tags and hearts abound.


Well that’s clever! :grinning:


Didn’t have a lot of time, so grabbed a heart svg and repurposed the to/from bottle one here. Yes, I was cruel in my own way. Each tag is boldly comic parchment, and for uniformity, my coworkers are stuck with it. My evil plan proceeds!


My workplace theme for next 2½ months is Night mare before Xmas… starting to work on countdown and other decorations using my :glowforge:


The little acrylic Jacks turned out fantastic! (And the little dogs too!) :grinning:


Any thought we have … poof … it’s lasered!


Wow, big production! Looks great!


Really awesome! How did you make the black marks? With a pen or there is acrylic that colors like that when you hit it with the laser? I’ve seen the material with a colored surface layer that gets burned off revealing a lower layer color.