Workshop Air Filter

So i have my GF venting outside with a 450 CFM exhaust fan, but i’m still getting fumes.
Does anyone have any experience with small room filters to scrub the air, like An ionic breeze or a hepa tower?

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How long is your vent (over 10’)?

How many turns (more than 2)?

What is the diameter of your vent hose (4", 6", etc.)?

Is the fan close to the :glowforge: or closer to the exhaust port in the wall?

A 450 CFM exhaust should be enough, so you shouldn’t have fumes unless there is something else that is an issue (like a leak in the exhaust).


If you have leaks in your exhaust, the easiest thing is just to move the fan as close to the wall-port as you can. Then it will prevent fumes from exiting the exhaust. But that only works if you still have enough airflow to pull the fumes out of the :glowforge:.


@bill.m.davis is 100% right. You want your fan to pull the air, not push it. I place mine at the very end and have no fumes unless it is in need of cleaning.


Thanks Everyone. I appreciate your feedback.

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