Workspace ~ your suggestions?

So, I’m preparing for my new “baby”, due to arrive TOMORROW!! (insert happy dance :dancer:t2: :smiley:)

Here is my challenge: I’m in an small apt, & have to set up my workspace in my living area. I’ve cleared a wall to set up my GF (see pics) where I will also add a desk/workspace. The GF will be vented out the corner window. However, I’m worried: will fumes/etc. cause damage to my couch, being that close to it? Do you all have any other ideas for configuring the space?

Thanks so much!


Damage, probably not. Will you smell it in the air? Absolutely.

I’d recommend a booster fan to keep venting after the cut is done. Search the forum for “cloudline” and you’ll see tons of threads about it.

Also, read all of this, you’ll love it. (It’s all good, but you will especially like 1, 1a and 2)

Welcome to the forum, we can’t wait to see what you make :slight_smile:


Thanks so much ~ I will look that up. Does it also help with noise?

I saw a post where someone made an acrylic insert for the window (with a hole for the venting hose) that I hope to create as well. Good tips there re: aluminum tape, worm clamp, etc. for sealing hose & containing fumes.


Yes and no.

The noise benefit is because you also go into the UI and tell it you have a filter (you don’t). That tells the Glowforge that you don’t need to run the internal exhaust fan, which is where most of your noise comes from. Your external fan pulls the air out and they tend to be much quieter.

So yes, the noise will probably be majorly reduced if you turn that setting on and use your external fan to pull out the fumes, but if you forget to turn that fan off, it’s still noisy like a high-pitched vacuum cleaner.

If you really are worried about sound, you might want to look into insulated duct. It’s a huge noise reducer too. Like this:


Thanks so much. :+1:t3:

It might be useful to know that the GF vent is on the back left side of the machine, so putting it in that corner will make a lot of vent turns to get it out the window. I’d keep it in the corner, but rotate it to face the rest of the room, and move the couch somewhere else. That gives you movement room in front of the GF.

You may also want to have more material storage than only the 2 shelves underneath, those will fill up fast!


I’ve not yet set up a booster fan, and my set up not unlike yours (minus the couch) and just have duct the the window with insulation board and such to seal the open space around the duct/fill the space of the sash, and with the few years using a “temporary” solution, I have not had any issues with smell or soot/exhaust being blown back thru the window.

(Alas you’re downwind neighbors might have a different opinion–and biggest benefit of a different in-line fan is they are a lot quieter than the fan in the GF itself).


I’ll echo the suggestion to rotate your :glowforge: table - I ended up reversing mine from the setup here and I ended up adding a 2nd of the same fan so I have one at the back of the machine and then one at the window - and it’s slightly louder for it, but still WAY quieter than the internal fan. No issues with staining on anything nearby :slight_smile:

It looks like it would still fit just fine with your couch exactly where it is - you’ll likely end up putting in another table along the right wall so you have a place to put down parts/assemble things!


Thank you for your input, & for sharing your set-up! Very helpful. I agree about turning the orientation parallel with the window. And YES, today I will be getting two modular/drawer/shelf components to store my materials, along with a long board across/on top of them to make a workspace table/desk (the budget-friendly version). :slight_smile:

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I have casement windows and built a Plexiglas window that replaces the screen I vent out of. I highly recommend a high power (6") exhaust fan, the GF fan is LOUD and could cause neighbor complaints. I built a box out of plywood to encase the fan and mounted it on a shelf on the wall, I have wooden floors and it wasn’t as quiet sitting on the floor.
Wood isn’t too bad, especially if there are neighbors with wood fireplaces or outside fire pits, but acrylic creates plenty of unpleasant odor. No matter how much storage you have, you’ll soon need more… :slight_smile:


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