Good evening everyone, I am new to the Glowforge experience. But I wanted to post my workspace set up as it might help someone in the organization of there area. I saw someone that had a husky table and when looking g at it I found this. They come in a few colors. The drawer will fit profgrade materials perfectly


Very clean. Where does your vent go?


I have the same one… Love it!


That’s a perfect stable platform for your new toy/tool, and perfect storage also. Chances of that being flat is good. The case is flexible so flat is more important than level.
If the chest rocks where you want it, that’s a good thing. Floors are not glass flat. That means the chest is rigid. Now is when you reach for the level and shim whichever corner you need to.

Welcome to the club.


Very nice workstation - good flat surface and excellent storage. I am commandeering a cabinet from my wife for material storage. I have a bit of proofgrade and I do not want it to warp.

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I remember when my area was that clean. It doesn’t last long so enjoy it now!!!


Looks great! And I love the wall behind it.


I have the same one. I put new casters on it so all 4 wheels swivel (out of the box only 2 swiveled). That makes it easier to swing around when using the pass-through.

I also pull out the second drawer on the right and have a sheet of ply that goes across the opening. I put my laptop on that and adjust my chair so it’s “desk” height. Room for the laptop & mouse and a few tools on the plywood.

Never regretted the purchase :slightly_smiling_face:


Wait. What? There is a vent!?

Joking aside, was wondering this myself. Looks a bit isolated from the outside for venting.


I see some drapes just to the left…must be a window there.

I like the pull out drawer stand.

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Out towards the left, there is a sliding glass door. Not in the picture at that time.

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Perhaps my not getting a filter will pay for one of those :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! My amazing wife painted it.

It looks great! Prepare to add shelving in your home. It’s nice to keep a large variety to be prepared for any project.

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