World 3 from Super Mario 3 - Wood, Resin, and Vinyl

Hey Everyone! Happy Monday :slight_smile:

Our friend had very fond memories of playing Super Mario 3 with her mother. When she came to us asking for this map, we had to deliver! After completing our signature ‘resin water in laser cut wood’ technique, we decided we needed to try something new, layered vinyl. We were super nervous that this wouldn’t work the way we wanted but it turned out perfect! The sprites are so vibrant against the wood.

Watch us Craft LIVE! -

Thanks everyone!
Nicole C
When Geeks Craft


Wow do you have steady hands!!

That’s lovely :smiley:


Very cool! If you don’t mind me asking, what is the material you used for the top border? Looks awesome, as always!


That is proof grade veneer!

Heat transfer vinyl? Or which brand?

nope just removeable vinyl. its a mixture of cricut stuff and ‘paper studio’ removable vinyl (a hobby lobby line)

Cool! What did you use to cut it?
The end project is impressive - though the resin is my favorite part.

it is shown in the video. A cricut Explore air 2

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Unrelated - did you have the Air, and if so, what’s the difference? (Nothing wrong with my Air, just curious.)

I have only had the explore air 2. It was my first and only vinyl cutter

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NP… the only thing they list is “up to 2x cutting speed” but I can’t imagine cutting vinyl and paper any faster than mine does already. It’s nuts! :rofl:

(non-official sources seem to think the original air doesn’t use BT. It does, because that’s how I use it…)

i have never once used bluetooth on it lol i can never get it to work. i only connect over USB

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Another exceptional piece!

So pretty! Y’all do such a great job!

You killed it!

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Very cool, and excellent execution of the vinyl addition. I missed you resin water posts, it is so eye catching!

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This is amazing!!