World Maker Faire New York 2016 TICKETS - deadline 12 pm PST Wednesday 9/28


:notes:Start spreadin’ the news…I’m leavin’ today… :notes: (Ok - I’m leaving on Thursday, but I can’t believe that World Maker Faire New York is THIS WEEKEND! How did that happen?!)

Because this is another opportunity to see our favorite people in the world (spoiler alert: you!) - we bought you some tickets. If you’d like to claim some, please submit for them right here before 12 pm PST on Wednesday, 9/28.

The Faire is open on Saturday 10/1 & Sunday 10/2 from 10 am - 6 pm. And as you might’ve read here, you can catch Will Smith, @shell, and myself onstage at 10:30 on the MAKE: Show & Tell stage in Zone 3 for “Lasers on Leather: What Will’s Will Smith Print on a Glowforge?”

Need more than a couple tickets or want to spend all weekend at the Faire? You can grab them here:

See ya’ll in the Big Apple (ok, Queens…but…close enough!)


:notes:I want to be a part of it…:notes:


If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere…


It’s up to you…


Already got my ticket - looking forward to meeting you all!
@Bailey Is the stage show at 10:30am on both days or just one?

Still mulling over if a shirt that says glowforgeddaboudit is within good taste or not.


Already bought tickets weeks ago and my original tickets are not refundable. Wish I waited.


The schedule is only showing 10:30 Saturday. But, I could have missed it. I only looked at the Make: Show & Tell stage.


It seems to me that that would be more suited for a Glowforge critic than an excited future owner, but I am no expert on the proper usage and possible meanings of forgeddaboudit. :grin:


“Lay out all theses hole centers in plywood by hand”
“Cut this intricate paper stencil with an exaco knife”
“Now make 3 more, each 25% larger than the last”


I admit, it’s not great but I enjoy the pun :slight_smile:


I could see Glowforgeddaboudit being the tag line in the Glowforge infomercial.


I sure hope not…


Wish I could make it to the show in NY, but did get to the Seattle makers fair.
Have to say all the Glowforge people were a pleasure to meet.
And watching the machines in action, well I am ready for mine, ok not really don’t have a big enough pile of laser fodder. :grinning:


Just wanted to say to all any Glowforge forum members who are attending the NY maker faire - Have a Safe, Fun weekend!! Take pics !! (and also arrive home safely !)


Oh - side note to all attendees - Don’t let @bailey ninja out of EVERY photo and video this weekend!!! :sunglasses:


As someone who does not like his photo taken I hope people will respect the wishes of the person they are photographing.


Sorry for late reply - just day 1!