Wormhole Model

Edit: The Model has been recreated and is available in a post below.
Does anyone know where to find the file for this model of a wormhole? Neil deGrasse Tyson has shown it a couple of time and in this video the cohost makes it on the GF. I swear I’ve seen the file offered somewhere before and I just can’t find it again. I’d reverse engineer it but I currently don’t have the material or funds to attempt several iterations. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Looks pretty trivial to reverse engineer, looks just like a living hinge in the middle of a long rectangle, and two relatively fine spirals, done in MDF. I’m guessing it’s about 3" wide, spiral at about 2-3mm. and overall length of… hmm… 4+4+half the circumference of a 3" diameter circle… (quick google) = 4.2"

So, with that in mind, total length of 12.2", here’s the bulk of it. You just need to make a 4.2" wide living hinge and place it in the middle. There are generators or sites to download them for that, I don’t have time to track it down for you.



This was it I believe, but I no longer see it in the catalog.
Screenshot (4)


Yes! That’s the one! I wonder why it’s no longer available…

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I don’t know, but every once in a while they change things up, so it’s best to just add them when you can. :rofl:


Thanks so much for getting me started. The hinge is the part that I’m worried about but this is a great starting point.

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Alright I was able to get one made based of of what you guys have given me and close study of the video. It turned out well. Glowforge guys I’d love it if you could make those files available again! Thanks everyone!

Uploading: Wormhole.svg…


Good for you; nice make!

I love this community, thanks @evansd2


This looks great!

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I dont rememeber ever seeing that in the catalog. Odd. Things have changed!

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I like to check the catalog every few days, mostly because things get added all the time without any announcement. Like today, lots of cool earrings were added today that definitely weren’t there yesterday. And since I never know if something will suddenly be gone, I add pretty much everything to my dashboard :rofl:


oh gosh - guess I better go check the catalog. lol


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