Worth more or less

I teach a course on computer security. Part of the course includes identifying how much you’re worth to identity thieves. I usually give a small prize to the person who’s worth the most and the person who is worth the least. This time, I made the prizes.

Today, I played with inlaid acrylic on medium maple (all PG). I inserted the acrylic into a wooden coin. Since the acrylic is almost the same thickness as the wood, you can see it from both sides. It took me 2 tries to get the fit just right (kerf is a beast!), but I didn’t need any glue – they are so tightly in there that there’s no chance of them popping out accidentally.

The picture shows 6 of my wooden coins. Half show the fronts and half show the backs. (And yes, the joke is that I call the least valuable person in the class “worthless”.)


Very cool! Wood and acrylic inlay is one of my favorite combinations. And yes, kerf is a fickle mistress. Just when I think I have her all figured out, I try some new material and she says “nope!” lol


Oh, I really like that look. Some time ago I got samples of all the PG acrylic colors, but haven’t done anything with them yet. Your example inspires me!


Thumbs up from here. My list of to do in future keeps growing.

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Wow! I love the inlay! And getting it to show on both sides is a great idea!