WORTH OWNING - wood cutting guide

@evansd2 is the one who introduced me to this:

If you are cutting down glowforge bite sized wood THIS IS THE TOOL FOR YOU!

[Tech hint] to get the optimal output (15 sheets) out of a 5’ x 5’ piece of wood
do your first cuts 20 1/2" - then do your 12" cuts.

[Hint #2 to get butter smooth cuts use as high a 80 tooth circular saw blade]


wow thanks for the heads up!

that will be so much quicker than clamping a fence down on both ends like I do now.


Looks like Amazon raised the price back to MSRP, so it’s also $39 at HD and Lowes if you do not want to wait…

I’ve used this for a few years now for the GF rips, Not sure I would trust it for exact stuff I still use the table saw for that. My only complaint has been the plastic lock down has given me troubles a few times. Nothing major, just takes some working to get it back in correctly. I also have the Kreg Accu-Cut but its still new in package as I just pull this out every time. :rofl:


Hint extension
If you have the 4’ x8’ sheets 96 inches / 5 =5 x 19" leaving 4_1/4" kerfs for cutting them.

Hint question- Why 20-1/2 When 20 is as big as you can use? is kerf included somewhere?

To help make a really smooth cut try masking tape to hold especially tiny chips in place. Particularly useful if the cutting is done at the store that will not be using an 80 tooth blade.

I can fit 20 1/2 in my crumbtray edge to edge and that’s what I cut all my wood.
never had an issue

Hmmm perhaps they made bigger crumb trays? Mine is the original 20" but still only cuts 19+and I rarely have need of the + and the 5 long sheets makes maximum use of the material for the pro.

you made me look! - Yup 20 1/2" edge to edge

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Huh! I know the PG sheets just fit, and say they are 20x12 but tape out just shy of 20-1/2 but the cutting area is >11" x<19" so that leaves unavoidable scrap. And cutting 48" into 11" lengths leaves a 4" strip of little use hence taking only what is needed on the pro can leave much more (like if you only need 8" for one) but the 19" as 1/5 of 96 is how the math works.

I found acrylic at 18 x 24 at almost the same price as 12 x 24 so rather than cutting the 24" down I rotate it and use the 18" as the long bit. I have used the pro far more to accommodate large materials far more than large designs.


you know, I never really thought about that, good point.
I just like it fits snug, for locking in cuts till I am happy with finished product,
but I think you are right, I am wasting material.

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I’m glad I didn’t know about this before I used the extremely rare need to break down sheet stock as an excuse to buy a festool track saw. :slight_smile:


I have several bits of scrap the correct width for that. I even cut the biggest cuttable area and after engraved an inch ruler on the scrap that was left. In any case I track the grid of holes and put hold-down pins in the same line of holes parallel to the side of the materials what ever side they are, and separate from the pins actually holding down, This also creates the solid parallel edge you are looking for and for the “Y” axis as well as the “X” axis.

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great ideas, when I do my next run to the ‘good’ lumber yard for baltic birch, I will follow your example and cut smaller GF bite sized pieces.

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My OG crumbtray also only fits up to 20" w.
Personally, not a fan of unnecessary scrap either.

I am currently working on a design that uses the 8" x 36" hardwood that I carefully cut into two 18" pieces. At the moment the design is 7.99"x17.6" without almost any scrap except an approximate square inch on one corner and 1/16 inch between rectangular pieces. So I am not a big fan of lots of unnecessary scrap :grin:

Someone bought me one of these, and a circular saw. They’re both still in the packaging. I wouldn’t know what to do with it. In pictures of people using them, they’re always on top of some kind of table it looks like I need to build or buy. Wouldn’t the saw cut through the table under my piece of plywood?


i have a folding banquet table which is my everything table (costco like $60)
I clamp the wood to that, and slice off the pieces, with the unit its easy peasy
then use my chop saw to cut em to 12" chunks

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Just may get this unless you want to send me one for Christmas. :smiley:

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Not sure what the sale price was when @Deleted posted this, but seems within two hours it was back up to MSRP. If you want to make this a deal, Dollar General has Lowes gift cards 10% off this week and Lowes is within a dollar of the link in the first post…

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