Would it be helpful if

Hey everyone,

I want some input. Would you find it helpful if I created some youtube videos from newbie level to advanced level functions of the Glowforge? I just created this youtube video: https://youtu.be/GNqfbrz132I despite having a slight audio issue, <-- that will be fixed from now on with a new microphone. I think it turned out alright for a standard upload process. I was thinking about making like a series of videos of each function that I used for the upload to start then move into snap marks, then designing, then more advanced creations etc.

So back to original question do you think this would be helpful in video mode like this for you? Or do you think just the standard read though guides are fine and I would be waisting my time? Just doing this as a hobby and to help people out, let me know if you like the idea or not.

If you like the idea, let me know if that videos flow works for you or not, this one is a little longer than I wanted it to be but was my first shot. I was gonna have a nice short simple one for each section that way if some one YouTubes for example, how do I make a simple cut, I have a video just for a simple cut, then how do I clean my lens, then boom just that only… then so on and so on.

Thanks for your time and for all who put your input on this I would greatly like feed back.


As @Dan would say…never too many different ways to learn. If you want to create a YouTube Channel for it, I’ll be happy to link it in the Matrix. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I like the idea and it looks like a well done video. The time lapse on the laser is really cool. It’s good to have a tutorial from screen, carried out to showing the real object being created and then the finished project.
I was going to remind you to be sure to link your referral code but I see you have that too.

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I’m not a video user, but I know SO many people are - so record away!

I’d say most of the folks who will see this post won’t be your target audience, but inevitably people will be searching on YouTube as they get their new machines. I prefer reading/pictures to video, but I am not the norm. :slight_smile:

Seems like a smart idea.

I definitely say yes. I prefer the video method. I tend to skim ALOT and the videos I can pause, try and the start again.

If at all possible, can you do a Autocad to AI to GF video? My wife does stuff in Autocad for work and for somethings, we can’t seem to talk the same language when I try to explain it.

Thanks Jules, this is the channel I’ve been adding them too. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsqg_qOYNGPqY52SsJ_gMxQ
You don’t have to add, I’ll probably add videos randomly overtime. When I have free time.

Sorry cditty, I have never used autocad nor do I have it, so I won’t be able to make one like that.

I do much better with text, myself. There’s something for everyone :slight_smile:

I like that paraphrase from Dan above, there’s always room for more.

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