WOW in more ways than one!


My wife wanted a 3d logo of her favorite game, challenge accepted. I’d say I delivered. Two layers thick, all hand colored and multicolored shaded. 3 shades of blue blended together, two shades of yellow, then yellow and black mix for the darker golden color, and then topped off with orange highlights for the bottom row of letters to make it as close as possible to the original image. If you want to see all the photos you can check them out here: didn’t want to get two redundant with too many on here.

Flat piece of wood+glowforge+color pencils= …


I’ll add another Wow.



Yep! Definite WOW!


Looks amazing!


Are you kidding me Pencils, WHOA. nice


So well executed. Impressive.


Wow in more ways than one


Oh…to have art skills… Colors are my Achilles heel. Very nice!


I concur with that assessment. Very cool!