Wow signal explained


That’s some fine research there.

During my early childhood I really thought about the extra-terrestrial signals alot having read this book:

These days I pretty much have given up on interstellar communication and travel IRL and leave it to books.

I do not think we are alone in the universe when it comes to living beings. But for all practical purposes, we are isolated enough by the immensity of the cosmos that we might as well get used to it. Earth is really all we got for the overwhelming majority of life forms.

We should be taking better care of our home.


That is some amazing detective work. I didn’t realize that comets emitted radio signals.


Wow indeed. Science is awesome.

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I loved the Danny Dunn series when I was young. “Danny Dunn, Invisible Boy” had me dreaming about flying a drone even before they were invented. Amazingly prescient for a book published in 1974 to predict drones and some of the issues involved.


How the heck did I miss these growing up?!?!?

I read the Tom Swift, Jr. books while in elementary school, but never saw these. :disappointed:


Wow, I haven’t thought about Danny Dun in… 35 years maybe?

Also, I enjoyed the “hydrogen” tag on this thread. One can’t be too detailed.

(Around that time there was another book I loved, which I found in the school library. It was another group of meddlesome kids, but these kids had a time machine. I recall it looked like a flying saucer. I believe there were at least 2 books in the series and remember thinking the one book I had read was the second. Can anyone name that book?)

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yeah, that is what the aliens want you to believe.


Sounds like the sequel to “Mutiny in the Time Machine” by Donald Keith. I remember reading it but don’t know it’s name.

I had forgotten about that series. I read them when I was just a piglet. When I was in junior high I had a classmate named David Dunn, he constantly got the question if he was related to Danny Dunn.


That was it @stewartl!