Wright Flyer Laser Engraved Blueprint

I just completed work this evening on a gift that I plan on giving my son some time in the future. What I created was two images of the drawings of the Wright brothers 1903 airplane named “Flyer”. This was done the same way I had created another image of a one wheel pedal vehicle patent several weeks ago.

I engraved the back side of clear plexiglass so that the front would be smooth once it was assembled. I used stainless steel button head bolts to attach it to a blue sheet of plexiglass. Once these parts were assembled the end result is what you see here. A nice looking image that looks like a blueprint. Both views of the “Flyer” are 10" x 12" with a small wooden frame (draft board) epoxied on to the back of the assembly for easy assembly and hanging on a wall.

Please let me know what you think of my latest project.


I love the look of those. So, the engraving gives that great contrast, no paint?
Pro job :sunglasses:


Fantastic effect with depth but it is still so clearly blueprints. Love this.

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This turned out awesome!!

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I think it looks fantastic. Great job.

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Man - so awesome! Now I have to redo all of my engraves of different planes, rockets and various blueprints because they look lame on wood compared to this!

Awesome job!!


You are correct. The engraving of the images do all the work. There is no painting in this project. Makes things a lot simpler for a great effect over all.


Your method of engraving on the clear acrylic with the blue acrylic background is beautiful. I can’t get over how good it looks.


That is awesome. Great job.


Thanks! Just something that popped into my head while working on something similar.

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Love these! My last job place displayed a lot of patent prints. I never tired of looking at them as I walked down the halls.


This is wonderful, the colour really pops and the image is so clear against the blue. Love the addition of the button head bolts.


Very nice work. I wonder how it would look in black acrylic?

Thanks for your comment. Here are a couple photos of another project that I put together for my dune buggy. This gave me the idea to try and put together the blueprint projects. You can see the difference of just and engraving of the clear plexiglass and then installed into the “Speed Buggy” plaque with a black plexiglass that is now in my buggy.

Speed Buggy 1

Speed Buggy 2


Nice eye to have caught that.

That looks nice and I like the bolts (screws) you used.

wow! absolutely love it, great job!!

Outstanding work! nice, clean, and simple assembly. Just the way we like it lol

Thanks for your comment. Happy to hear from people like you that appreciate my efforts.

Beautiful and inspiring.