Wrist rest



I recently built a new pc for gaming and have been using a piece of scrap EVA foam for a wrist rest for months now. It was really bothering me so I decided to make something a bit more appealing from some other scrap I had laying around.

I mocked this up in fusion360 to be 2 pieces, one EVA and the other maple, both at a height of 10mm.

I cut the maple on the CNC machine and the foam on the laser, then engraved the foam just to make it look a little less boring, and to make my gamer friends jealous =P

Has anyone tried engraving EVA foam?

I’m jealous, and I’m not a gamer!


Very nice! What game is that symbol from?


great project and idea.


I think its Overwatch?


Thanks. Despite that game being from Blizzard, I haven’t heard much about it. I swear that work is sucking the life out of me. :sob:


same. I used to play a fair bit. But no time anymore.


Super cool! I rarely cut foam; it’s neat to see such a cool use for it.


The coolness of so many projects here is killing me to not have a laser.


Very cool! As a gamer and fan of Overwatch, I am jealous.


Cool. But say “west wrist rest” three times fast!


so of us can’t do that one time fast.


It is the overwatch symbol